My name is Aura and I am the jeweller behind Indiana Fox. Welcome to my store.

When I was a small child, I would find myself yearning to be near the flowers and daydreaming about the possibilities hidden in cotton candy clouds. I have always been inspired by nature. The shapes, colours, and textures found in flora and fauna are truly an endless source of inspiration and with each collection I reveal, I aspire to distill that beauty with organic grace.

My creativity was also present at a very young age and was cultivated by both my Mum and Stepdad. In fact, my mother used to craft these gorgeous lamp work beads and we would spend hours threading them into memory wire bracelets. The two of us would sit, smiling and content, and it was then I realised the joy that came from creation.

When I launched Indiana Fox in 2016 it was my goal to create minimalist, dainty, and delightful jewellery for women that appreciated the natural world. I also offer comprehensive customer service because I know that shopping for jewellery should be a pleasure.

You should be giddy with excitement, your eyes should dance over my photographs, and your fingers should itch for my designs. When you unwrap one of my signature purple boxes with white lace, you should feel just like a little girl yearning to be near flowers and daydreaming over the possibilities hidden within cotton candy clouds.

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